Essay Writing For The Cambridge FCE

For my students, essay writing is really tough. Having never had to write anything similar in their time at school or university, they find it difficult to adapt to the way that Cambridge wants an essay written. Given that there is a set structure they have to use, the essay should be one of the easiest partsContinue reading “Essay Writing For The Cambridge FCE”

How To Teach Inversion

This is one of my favourite parts of grammar. Inversion is about embellishment and emphasis in most cases. Making writing more formal and adding emphasis to otherwise normal sentences, let’s have a look. Form Inversion means putting the verb before the subject. Instead of this; If I were rich, I would buy a boat This;Continue reading “How To Teach Inversion”

How To Teach The Passive Voice

Depending on which language your students speak, the passive voice in English can be hard to learn. Sometimes they don’t have a equivalent or if they do, it is not commonly used. In English the passive is used regularly, making it imperative knowledge for any student. When do we use it? We use the passiveContinue reading “How To Teach The Passive Voice”

My 5 Favourite Online Resources For EFL Teachers.

We all need inspiration from time to time. Whether it’s for exam preparation, or just conversation classes. Below are listed some of my favourite resources from around the web that you can use to get ideas and tips from likeminded people on ESL teaching. 1. Thoughtco. This site is a great resource, I get ideasContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Online Resources For EFL Teachers.”

The Ins and Outs of The FCE Reading and Use of English

The Basics FCE is equivalent to the B2 CEFR level. It’s also what many people consider to be the first level of fluency in a language. Achieving this level means that your students have the following skills; Good knowledge of most English grammar topics. These are fine tuned in the higher levels but from FCEContinue reading “The Ins and Outs of The FCE Reading and Use of English”

How To Teach The Present Perfect

The present perfect is basic knowledge for any English learner, and it’s essential that they use it in all parts of the exam. Including their speaking. So if you’re unsure about the grammar, read on and make sure you nail it in class! The Basics – Beginner Level The easiest way to explain the presentContinue reading “How To Teach The Present Perfect”

How To Teach Relative Clauses

      Relative clauses are essential for every student, no matter the level they are studying for. So whether you’re teaching them the basics or the finer points, have a look at my guide to make sure you know the answer to every question you’re asked! Pronouns Which / That* for things Who / WhomContinue reading “How To Teach Relative Clauses”

How To Teach Conditionals

  If you were an EFL teacher, How would you teach conditional structures to your students? Well here’s my take on it. Zero The zero conditional is for general truths or facts. People use this for things they are absolutely certain about, scientific facts, etc…. For when the result of the condition will always happen.Continue reading “How To Teach Conditionals”