Improve EFL Listening Skills – Tips and Activities

Exam season has rolled around again! Hopefully you’re prepared for all the marking, extra hours and special planning you may be required to do in order to get your students up to scratch.

Today I am focusing a post on improving listening skills for exams. Especially the gap fill exercises that pervade official examinations these days. There is often little time available to practise listening in class, and students hate doing it at home. So how to improve their skills quickly and effectively? Well, with the simple 3 step method, with some other tips and activities included at the end!

Activities For Improving EFL Reading Skills

Reading is, along with listening, a receptive skill that it heavily weighted when it comes to exam time. Most recognised language qualifications require candidates to read long pieces of text and interpret their meaning.

Cambridge PET Reading Exam Guide

With the summer exam season coming up, your students need to be working hard to achieve what they have been studying all year for. This is a guide to the PET (B1 level) reading exam and some ideas you can use to get the most marks from each exercise. The reading is taken at theContinue reading “Cambridge PET Reading Exam Guide”

A Teacher’s Guide To The Cambridge PET Reading And Writing Exam

A few times in my teaching career so far, I have seen teachers who think that Preliminary (PET) and the B1 level is easy to teach. No planned lessons, no care when it came to continuity, and no real understanding of the requirements, nor the skills that the students need. In reality, teaching PET willContinue reading “A Teacher’s Guide To The Cambridge PET Reading And Writing Exam”

My 5 Favourite Online Resources For EFL Teachers.

We all need inspiration from time to time. Whether it’s for exam preparation, or just conversation classes. Below are listed some of my favourite resources from around the web that you can use to get ideas and tips from likeminded people on ESL teaching. 1. Thoughtco. This site is a great resource, I get ideasContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Online Resources For EFL Teachers.”

The Ins and Outs of The FCE Reading and Use of English

The Basics FCE is equivalent to the B2 CEFR level. It’s also what many people consider to be the first level of fluency in a language. Achieving this level means that your students have the following skills; Good knowledge of most English grammar topics. These are fine tuned in the higher levels but from FCEContinue reading “The Ins and Outs of The FCE Reading and Use of English”