Essay Writing For The Cambridge FCE

For my students, essay writing is really tough. Having never had to write anything similar in their time at school or university, they find it difficult to adapt to the way that Cambridge wants an essay written. Given that there is a set structure they have to use, the essay should be one of the easiest partsContinue reading “Essay Writing For The Cambridge FCE”

How To Teach Participle Clauses

This is more advanced knowledge for your higher level students. Great for making writing more formal and easy to learn if they already have a good grip of relative clauses. Perhaps see my previous guide on these first here! How To Teach Relative Clauses Why Use Them? They give more information about the noun. They eliminateContinue reading “How To Teach Participle Clauses”

How To Teach The Passive Voice

Depending on which language your students speak, the passive voice in English can be hard to learn. Sometimes they don’t have a equivalent or if they do, it is not commonly used. In English the passive is used regularly, making it imperative knowledge for any student. When do we use it? We use the passiveContinue reading “How To Teach The Passive Voice”