I have been a TEFL teacher since I moved to Northern Spain some years ago. Having never previously considered any kind of teaching as a career choice, I was surprised when I actually really liked it.

I found that speaking English as a native doesn’t necessarily mean that you are able to teach it effectively. In fact, without any training you definitely can’t. When I got my first job and realised just how little I knew about the way that English works, I set about learning everything I could. Every question a student asked me was a learning experience for me as well as for them. I loved watching my fellow teachers in class, how they taught the inevitable grammar and language classes without making it dull. How the students genuinely wanted to be there, for the most part, and learn how to communicate in a different language from the isolation of a classroom. Inspiring!

Since then, I have worked in several language academies and exam centres, and completed a boatload of teacher training. I specialise in preparing adults and young people prepare for the Cambridge Assessment English suite of examinations.

I started the blog because I love to write in my spare time, and share my knowledge about how much fun TEFL teaching can really be! I also give lots of tips and tricks about the Cambridge exams and how to effectively prepare your learners to pass!

So, thanks for visiting! I hope you found what you needed. If not, send me a message on the contact page and I’ll try and help with whatever I can! 🙂

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