PET Speaking – Useful Phrases

I have been tinkering around with a comprehensive list of speaking phrases for ages. Here’s what I have so far for a B1 level student, along with the printer friendly version!

PET Speaking Expressions – Handy PDF!

Starting The Conversation

  • Shall I start?
  • Would you like to start?
  • Would you mind if I start?
  • How about I start?

Making Suggestions

  • What do you think about..?
  • What is your opinion on..?
  • How about..?
  • What about..?

Giving Opinions

  • I think..
  • In my opinion..
  • I reckon..
  • The way I see it..
  • From my point of view
  • For me personally..

Agreeing / Disagreeing

  • I agree / disagree
  • I see where you’re coming from….(but..)
  • I understand what you mean….(but..)
  • Well, actually..
  • I couldn’t agree more..
  • I totally agree / disagree
  • I think you’re right / wrong there..

Prepositions For Part 3

  • On / In / At
  • On top of
  • Above
  • Below
  • Under
  • Next to
  • Beside
  • Opposite
  • In front of
  • Behind
  • Between
  • Among
  • Nearby
  • Near to
  • Close to

Don’t forget to describe the location of objects, if possible in the time allowed!

Easy To Use Expressions For Part 4

(and maybe part 1)

  • Once in a blue moon; (I only go swimming once in a blue moon)
  • Keen on; (I’m really keen on boxing)
  • Piece of cake; (I find learning English a piece of cake!)
  • My cup of tea; (Football isn’t really my cup of tea)
  • Between jobs; (I have finished university and right now I’m between jobs)
  • There’s a frog in my throat
  • A good egg; (My brother and I get on well, he’s a good egg)
  • To drive one up the wall; (Bad weather drives me up the wall!)
  • Can’t Bear / Stand; (I really can’t stand basketball!)
  • To be fed up with; (I am really fed up of this rain!)

Getting Out Of A Jam

  • Sorry, I meant..
  • I wanted to say..
  • I don’t know the word, but it’s a type / kind of..
  • The word escapes me, but..


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