Cambridge PET Writing Part 1 Practice

Below is a list of examples of the Writing part 1 task separated according to category of grammar, followed by the solutions.


  • Rosie plays the guitar better than the rest of her class.

Nobody else in her class plays the guitar as ________ as Rosie does.

  • The chocolate cake is more delicious than the strawberry cake.

The strawberry cake is not ___________ as the chocolate cake.

  • Mike and Jim are the same height

Jim is ______ as Mike.

  • The motorbike is nosier than the car.

The car makes ___________ noise than the motorbike.

  • This laptop was cheaper than my old one.

My old laptop was more _______ than this one.


  • I don’t know anybody as strong as her.

She is the ________ person I know.

  • I have never seen a more powerful plane.

That is the _________ plane I have ever seen.

  • He has more money than anybody else in the world

He is the ___________ man in the world

Passives / Actives

  • They stole my car

My car __________

  • The government passed a new law this morning.

A new law _______________ by the government this morning.

  • I had my haircut by the hairdresser yesterday.

The hairdresser _________ yesterday.

Reported Speech

  • “I will be back home at 7pm” said Sarah.

Sarah said that she _____________ be back home at 7pm.

  • She said the show had finished at 9pm

“The show ______________ at 9pm” She said.

  • “I was walking to the supermarket and an apple hit me on the head”. Mark complained

Mark said he had _____________________ walking to the supermarket and an apple hit him on the head.

Relative Clauses

  • “That ball in your garden is mine”

“The ball _________ is in your garden is mine”

  • I left my purse in the coffee shop!

The coffee shop is _____________ I left my purse.

  • The boy is called Alan and he has your pen!

The boy ____________  name is Alan, has your pen.


  • You should order the scallops, they are delicious!

If I were you, I ________ order the scallops, they are delicious!

  • I have to study on order to pass the exam.

If I study, I _________ pass the exam.


  1. well
  2. as delicious
  3. as tall
  4. more
  5. expensive
  6. strongest
  7. most powerful
  8. richest
  9. was stolen
  10. was passed
  11. cut my hair
  12. would
  13. finished
  14. been
  15. which
  16. where
  17. whose
  18. would
  19. will

Happy Teaching!


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