My 5 Favourite Online Resources For EFL Teachers.

We all need inspiration from time to time. Whether it’s for exam preparation, or just conversation classes. Below are listed some of my favourite resources from around the web that you can use to get ideas and tips from likeminded people on ESL teaching.

1. Thoughtco.

This site is a great resource, I get ideas from here all the time. You can find hundreds of articles and posts about a whole range of topics including grammar, vocab, nuances, expressions, exam prep and lots more.

Check it out at

2. i – to – i Blog

This one helps me to keep up to date with the world of TEFL and has articles and blogs from other teachers on their experiences, how to handle different situations and general teaching tips.

Check it out here


Here’s a really neat one. A curated gallery of images with ideas for your classes. I just found this one recently and it’s proved to be a hit with my students so far.

Check it out at


I find this one most useful for my advanced and proficiency students who need to improve their vocabulary. Rather than memorizing what they need to know, why not recommend this website so that they can learn the words and phrases they need in an easier and less tedious way.

Have a look at


Finally, whenever you need a little help with a grammar explanation, look no further than here. This website contains hundreds of helpful points and lots of information so that you’ll be the grammar whiz your students need you to be.

Check it out here

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