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Tips for Teachers

We all need some guidance occasionally, take advantage of TEFL Planet’s experience and industry knowledge. This page includes tips for a huge number of teaching situations and contexts, helpful activities, new ideas and much more!


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Grammar Help

Brush up on your grammar skills with these short guides on how to teach every aspect of English grammar, right down to the subjunctive mood.


Lesson Plans

Wondering what to do with beginners who don’t talk? Highly advanced students who want to learn something new? Look no further than these lesson plans! Compiled with the help of years of experiences with the trickiest classes and levels. Every single one tried and tested. Online and downloadable formats.


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Life As a TEFL Teacher


Outside of the classroom, there can be many tricky aspects of life as a teacher, especially in a foreign country, and when job hunting! Let our community help you with these posts about aspects of TEFL not included on your training course.


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Exam Preparation


Preparing students for official exams is often the most important part of the job, and with these exams growing in popularity, that doesn’t look likely to change. This page is full of helpful ideas, tips and guides on how to improve your students’ exam skills quickly.